Kennedy Marketing

“Seek above all for a game worth playing…having found it, play with intensity.”

- D.S. Ropp

What Makes Us Different?
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Our perspective

At Kennedy Marketing Services, we understand the need to provide insights and recommendations – not just data.

We know something can be significantly different, but not be meaningful; while, other meaningful findings can be more subtle.

Our dedication to providing insights that drive your business forward is what sets us apart.

Our values

At Kennedy Marketing Services, we are very passionate about our work.  Our sense of curiosity about the consumer drives us to dig deep in to the data and discover what truly motivates consumers into action.

We consider five values to be critical and ensure that each of our projects reflect these values:

Honesty/integrity. We believe it is important to be able to answer to ourselves and others in a truthful and ethical manner.

Precision/accuracy. We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

Passion/dedication.  We put 100% into each project.  We love what we do and it shows.

Teamwork.  We consider our clients and our vendors team members with a similar mission: to uncover the wants and needs of consumers.

Creativity.  We understand there is often more than one approach to an issue.  We enjoy the process of working through issues and challenges which result in valuable insights and recommendations.